Download your EBL ebooks to the Kindle Fire

No wires attached...

In addition to the ipad, iphone, Android devices and hundreds of ebook readers, EBL ebooks can be downloaded directly to the Kindle Fire via the free Bluefire Reader app (BFR) - in just three easy steps:

1. Patrons using a Kindle Fire reader can access EBL via the browser, and our system will recognise that they're using a Kindle Fire.

2. For patrons without BFR already installed, we automatically link them to the Bluefire instructions for download and install the app on the Kindle Fire. (Note that there is a simple setting change required on the device to enable the app to be installed)

3. Once the app is installed and authorised, the patron need only click 'download' on EBL for the book to download and open inside BFR.

If they'd prefer, patrons can also transfer downloaded content from their PC to the device via Adobe Digital Editions.   And of course our online reader can be used for reading books in the browser on the Kindle as well.


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