EBL addresses the needs of academic and research libraries...

    Rather than trying to create a model that will satisfy all libraries, EBL focuses on the specific needs of academic and research-based libraries. EBL aims to...

    Aggregate relevant and recent titles EBL offers content across all academic and professional subject areas. EBL features nearly 500,000 titles from hundreds of academic publishers.

    Enhance functionality and accessibility EBL features innovative functionality such as:

    • Multiple concurrent access
    • Online and offline access solutions
    • Read aloud for all titles
    • Chapters for reserve circulation and coursepacks
    • Browse full-text for students before borrowing and for faculty before purchasing
    • Full-text search across catalog

    Parallel existing library processes EBL parallels existing library workflows by integrating with international third party book distributors for easy acquisition and with ILS systems for catalog management.

    EBL approaches lending differently...

    EBL uses technology to make content more accessible, not to lock it away with rigid access rules. EBL offers flexible access models including Non-Linear Lending, unlimited access, and short-term circulation.

    Multiple concurrent access Non-LinearTM Lending is a system which surpasses the traditional print model of limiting access to one patron at a time. Non-LinearTM Lending limits the total number of lending days per year per title but enables multiple-concurrent access.

    Online and offline access solutions Patrons can browse all books and utilise full-text search within the browser. Titles can be accessed either online, through EBL's PDF-based reader, or by downloading Adobe Acrobat ebooks to a PC, laptop or PDA for offline use.

    Short Term Circulation EBL's pay-per-use model which provides a "just-in-time" solution for libraries and patrons and a possible alternative to interlibrary loan.

    Chapters for Reserve Lending, Course-packs and purchase Using virtual photocopy technology, EBL can produce chapters on the fly. Chapters can be utilised for purchase by students, for reserve lending by libraries, for inclusion in ePack course-packs.

    EBL takes a collaborative approach...

    EBL has enlisted a group of project advisors made up of key academic and research librarians, library consultants, library software vendors and technology providers to collaborate in the development and testing of EBL.

    Advising Partners The following libraries and organizations have contributed to the EBL model:


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